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Presenting the Forsyth Youth Orchestra!

Please see the article and press release regarding one of the projects that was awarded a 2013 GA-ASTA mini grant, given at the annual luncheon.

The Forsyth Youth Orchestra – FYO, is the brainchild of violin teacher, ASTA member and Cumming, GA resident Corina Brito. The orchestra was created to provide students who play a string instrument (violins, violas, cellos and basses), the opportunity to perform in an orchestral setting. In that setting they learn the basics of orchestral technique, they socialize with other students who play a string instrument, they learn to play various genres of orchestra music such as classical, popular, and folk, and they develop self-discipline, leadership skills and strong work ethics.

The orchestra came to fruition with the support of the Fine Arts Department of the Forsyth School Board and other members of the Cumming arts community.

Principals of each section of the orchestra form the FYO Quartet. These musicians are the primary ambassadors for the orchestra as they take on extra performance duties in the community, inspiring and setting an exemplary demeanor to audiences everywhere.

The FYO inaugural concert will be May 19 in the Cumming Playhouse. Tickets are available at

33997 Youth Orchestra eboard

For more information about FYO you can check their website at

Congrats to Corina and her efforts to bring strings to this area of Georgia!